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Startup Valuation

Reunião da equipa
Reunião da equipa

We work with innovative and disruptive companies from their early stages, providing advisory services from their inception on projects related to valuation, business plan review/financial modeling, legal structuring, due diligence, and negotiation support.


We understand the nuances for early stage companies:

  • Presence of complex capital structures, liquidation preferences, tag along, drag along,  rights and other terms that are common to early stage investments in the company;

  • Knowledge of how to apply Black Scholes, Monte Carlo analysis, Sensitivity Analysis, as well as the appropriate circumstances to apply these methodologies;

  • Challenges associated with developing financial projections and cost of capital estimation in highly uncertain and rapidly evolving markets, for young companies with new products and/or unique business models;

  • Our fees are suitable for most emerging companies and startups.0

  • We are willing to invest in a long-term strategic relationship through proactive services and competitive pricing;

Valuation Advisory Services

  • Preparation of Business Plan.

  • Development of financial projections/review of financial models.

  • WACC

  • Evaluating employee share-based payments, including options and other structures.

  • Business Valuation to support capital increases or investment decisions, and tax assessments.

  • Intellectual property (IP) assessment, including patents, trade secrets, data, pharmaceutical and biological pipelines.

  • Analysis of alternative monetization strategies (licensing, selling, collaboration, etc.) and structures (earnouts, milestones, etc.)

Forensic Investigations and Intelligence

  • Competitive Analysis.

  • Competition Analysis.

  • Competitive intelligence.

  • Assistance in structuring ESOP plans

  • Financial impact analysis  

  • Tax implications of ESOP plans

Advisory Services

  • Buy-side due diligence - Quality of earnings/cash flow/working capital analysis, etc.
    Sell-side due diligence - Execution rate analysis, independent assessment of recurring EBITDA, etc.

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