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Since 2004, we have been a business consulting company operating in Corporate Finance, Business Valuation, Mergers and Acquisitions. We are headquartered in São Paulo capital and in Ribeirão Preto - SP.


Side by side with our clients, aiming to exceed their expectations and generate a significant and lasting financial impact. We operate throughout the national territory, in large companies, always using clear work, through operational processes and diverse diversity to create value for our customers.


Our Mergers and Acquisitions sector for transactions in large intermediaries. We operate under mandates of mandatory sale of purchase or negotiation. We prepare the company for sale, carry out “Valuation” studies, prospect target companies from our extensive network of contacts, conduct conduction, due diligence processes and quota agreements. In addition to local businesses, we support investing in foreign companies, combining our executive experience with our knowledge and network of local contacts in order to avoid the obstacles encountered in executing strategies.


In our projects, we are committed to assertiveness and for the right time that we value our customers and the results planned with our customers.


We are a consulting firm specializing in company valuation and mergers and acquisitions. Our consultants have the expertise and resources needed to provide a reliable assessment of your business or assets. Our knowledge in the most diverse sectors of the economy, in the legal, tax and regulatory environment applicable to your company, makes it possible to understand how market trends may impact the value of your asset, and thus, we can provide an accurate assessment within a given scenario. .


We are a company that delivers its services with quality, professionalism and independence, regardless of the efforts required to make it happen.


We believe that through a specialized and independent consultancy, all businesses can prosper and grow. We are passionate about helping companies remove the barriers that prevent them from growing, and in doing so, we are able to generate value for their shareholders.


  • We are driven by your success

  • Adapted to your needs

  • Engaged and results-focused team

  • We are aware of the risks and never averse to them.

  • We like to grow with our customers

  • professionalism and quality


We have been in the market for over 18 years, having served practically companies in all segments and sizes.

Nossa equipe
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